Creative Writing with Citizens Group at Rycroft Leisure

The Citizen’s Group at Rycroft Leisure have been contributing stories and creative writing to the Walk With Me app. The group described sights, sounds, tastes and feelings whilst unearthing memories of ‘home’ during their childhood. These were worked on in the session to create a live poem. Members of the group also spoke on film. It was a great session with plenty of laughs and many memories shared.


Home was Mum’s raspberry buns and ground rice tarts, batches of twenty-four and all of them going quick.

Home was liver and dried onions, meat and potato pie, a pan of stew and using a cup to scoop it out. It was watching bread rise in front of the coal fire, knowing it had to last all week.

Home was Mum’s wash day, stoking the fire up, boiling the water in a peggy tub. It was the tin bath hung up on the wall outside and getting washed in front of the fire. It was having only one plug socket in the house and the long lead on Mum’s vacuum so she could hoover in every room.

Home was outside toilets and cut up pieces of newspaper, it was sharing beds, top and tail, and my brother Ken singing me to sleep. It was seeing the moon light shining on top of slate tiled roofs and running downstairs in Winter to get dressed in front of the fire. It was jack frost on the windows and big coats piled high on the bed. It was hanging washing out whatever the weather and bringing it in frozen solid.

Home was gas lamps inside, and getting told off for touching the mantel glow. It was getting a kiss off Dad before he left for work, thinking “I’m never going to wash that off”, then using vaseline to remove the stuck coal dust from around his eyes when he got back. It was pipe smoke, the smell of coke ovens, watching miners walking home after their shift, and Dad filling his water bottle full of orange juice for me and my sister to share.

Home was hearing Mum say “No matter how bad you feel, all you need is a bit of lippy and Chanel Number 5 to make everything ok.”