SHOW TIME: On Board An Ocean Adventure – Take Notice: Day 5

The final day on our An Ocean Adventure half term camp culminated in a performance showcase of the work the young people had done on board the ship with CoActive artists.

Day 5 focused on one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing… which was to Take Notice. It was great to hear from the young people and their parents/carers that if the young people hadn’t have been taking part in the holiday creative arts camp they would have been sat at home and consuming their smart devices.

The final day was full of rehearsals, games and preparation for the show which included dressing up like one of the characters and having their faces painted.

There was a lot of excited anticipation for the performance which would feature work from the week long holiday camp. Parents, carers and local people were invited to watch the show.

You can watch the show live here…


Showtime! The performance of our week of Culture Cures in Aggbrigg…

Posted by CoActive on Friday, 21 February 2020

AN OCEAN ADVENTURE!!! Part 2 of our performance showcasing our half-term creative arts week in Aggbrigg with funding from Culture Cures… for part 1 watch the live video here on our Facebook page by scrolling down. And for part 2 make sure you watch on our IGTV on our Instagram or below… 💓

Posted by CoActive on Monday, 24 February 2020


The feedback from the audience was incredible with parents saying they “couldn’t believe” what their children had been capable of creating in one week. Everyone said that they would love to do it again. The young people really appreciated the buffet lunch and having a range of activities to try from hoisting a sail to making jelly fish and melodies to dancing, playing new games, making new friends and exploring venues in their area they had never been inside before.

A huge thank you to everyone involved and for Culture Cures funding the adventure in Agbrigg, Wakefield. We hope to set sail again soon…


By Sophie for CoActive.