Social Prescribing’ is a system where healthcare professionals are able to refer patients to local, non-clinical services to meet their wellbeing needs.

What you can take part in will depend on what’s available locally, and how local services work together. Social prescribing has been getting more attention in the world of health and social care, as it’s increasingly being recognised that people are attending healthcare services with non-medical needs, such as social isolation and loneliness.

Recent studies have found that 20% of patients seen by GPs report a problem which is social rather than medical. Arts and sports activities can be really useful in helping manage certain medical conditions such as singing or swimming for people with asthma and COPD. Sometimes a GP might refer you to a gym if you are struggling with obesity. This is what Social Prescribing is.

In Wakefield we are starting to trial Social Prescribing through the Culture Cures project. Check back for updates as to how this develops.

Research and Film
In 2018 Wakefield Council commissioned Edgehill University to research the current Culture Cures programme. You can read the report here and watch the accompanying documentary film.
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