THE FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING- CONNECT: CoActive in Agbrigg on An Ocean Adventure (Day 1)

A ship sailed into the Agbrigg area of Wakefield, West Yorkshire to deliver a week long programme of creative activities, with the first day focusing on one of The Five Ways to Wellbeing which is to Connect.

Artists from CoActive Arts Charity carried a huge cardboard ship along Agbrigg Rd and on to Doncaster Rd to set sail on An Ocean Adventure inside St Catherine’s Church.

Check out the setting up:

Once The Ocean Adventure experience was set up, the young people were dropped off by their parents and carers.

They were welcomed by CoActive artists and were given badges to decorate with their names on.

Young people then ate a buffet of food prepared by staff at St Catherine’s before entering the main room to set off on their Ocean Adventure.

The day involved Drama games, circle introductions and exploring the ship setting.

The young people then made flags which they then hung up.

It was a full and dynamic day of movement, creativity, crafts, drama and getting to know one another. The ideal day way to focus on the ‘connect’ aspect of the five ways to wellbeing.



By Sophie for CoActive Arts Charity.